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E5® Internal Cure: A Revolution in Concrete

Serving the Greater North St. Paul Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Communities

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of the structural integrity and longevity of your home’s concrete driveway. Imagine a technology that not only enhances the durability and performance of your concrete but also contributes to a more eco-friendly construction process and saves you tons on on-going maintenance/sealing.

Enter E5® Internal Cure, a revolutionary innovation in concrete technology. E5® is not just a product; it’s a game-changer that ensures your concrete is not only strong and resilient but also environmentally conscious. Say hello to a new era of concrete driveways.

The E5® Technology

E5® is an additive to cement mix that internally cures concrete.  In 2013, the American Concrete Institute defined Internal Curing as: “a process by which the hydration of cement continues because of the availability of internal water that is not part of the mixing water.” In casual terms, some of the dry ingredients are replaced with pre-soaked aggregates to slowly release water as the cement cures, helping the concrete cure from the inside out. 

E5® contains nano-silica, very fine particles of sand, that bind to concrete and…

  • fill in the small gaps between cement particles
  • accelerate the hydration process
  • increase bond strength
  • make concrete more resistant to water and chemicals.

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Benefits of Internal Curing


Increased Durability

Filling in those small gaps between cement particles makes concrete denser and reduces pores, leaving concrete more resistant to chemicals.

Reduced Cracking and Shrinkage

Concrete stays hydrated with E5 throughout curing, minimizing the risk of cracking and shrinking. 

Improved Finish and Workability

Improved hydration makes the cement more workable for crews, leaving a smoother driveway that doesn’t need much repair.

No Maintenance or Sealing

This technology makes concrete essentially indestructible compared to normal concrete. No need for sealing or on-going maintenance!

The durability, strength, and workability of E5® is an unmatched additive for any concrete project, anywhere, but especially for your concrete driveway. Contact us to learn more about this revolutionary product and how it could not only save days of curing time but also on-going maintenance and sealing costs.

The Cornerstone Difference – Our Proven Concrete Driveway Installation Process

We have factorized the process of replacing and installing a new concrete driveway. Systematically, one crew at a time flows through the concrete installation process, performs their duties at an expert level and then moves on to the next driveway. Below, in chronological order are our five crews:

1. Tear Out Crew

With a bobcat and dump truck, we carefully tear out the existing driveway and dispose of the material at a local recycling station.

2. Set Up Crew

Set up forms per specifications, grade, and compact subsoil.

3. Pour Crew

Meet the local ready mix concrete truck(s) and pour the fresh concrete in a professional manner.

4. Cut and Clean Crew

Lay out and cut expansion cuts. Then clean up.

We used to also seal all of the concrete driveways we installed, but now we no longer need to. With the innovative practices adopted by Cornerstone Concrete, our driveways are stronger, last longer, look stunning, and don’t need any sealing or ongoing maintenance. Learn more about the innovation that makes our company and our driveways stand out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E5 internal cure concrete?

E5 Internal Curing Concrete is an innovative technology that enhances concrete curing from within. It utilizes pre-soaked lightweight aggregates to maintain moisture levels throughout the concrete, reducing issues like shrinkage and cracking while improving overall strength and durability.

Which curing is best for concrete?

Water curing is the best option for curing concrete, allowing additional hydration and curing concrete more efficiently. This is why E5 internal curing is so revolutionary. You no longer need to do “ponding” or water your driveway. The additive is already mixed into the cement mix!

Explore Our Innovation Pillars

We incorporate innovative elements not only to our concrete, but also to our business. Our 3 big differentiators are:


Fiber Reinforcement

Fiber reinforced concrete is much stronger than traditional steel rebar concrete and can withstand heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your driveway lasts for years to come.

E5 Internal Cure

E5 is an additive that should be required for all concrete pouring projects. E5 hydrates concrete as it cures for a stronger, denser concrete with a better finish as the result. Not only that, E5 reduces cracking and shrinkage, making the concrete essentially indestructible. There is no need for sealing or ongoing maintenance with this additive!

Financing Options

We understand how a beautiful new concrete driveway can affect the value of your home and your wallet. We have partnered with EnerBank to be sure you have financing options available for your home project. Invest in your home more easily with our partners at EnerBank.