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Do you need a driveway installed, or maybe your existing one needs replacing? In your research, you’ll see you have several options available such as asphalt, gravel, cement, and concrete. Each material has its own pros and cons, but perhaps the most popular of all is concrete, and for very good reasons. 

The team at Cornerstone was great to work with. They came up with great ideas while estimating to make the driveway look better. Very reasonably priced. And when the prep work went better than expected, they took the money off the final bill. Overall this is an experienced team and very honest to deal with.

Concrete Driveways Built to Last

Driveways are exposed to the elements 24/7. The weather can be tough on any kind of driveway anywhere but can be especially consequential in Minnesota and Wisconsin with harsh, freezing winters; contrasted with hot, humid summers. The ground and the concrete are cycling through expansion and contraction phases like no other region. This means that driveways can become cracked and damaged if they were not properly installed up to industry standards. The teams at Cornerstone Concrete LLC specialize in concrete driveways and go above and beyond industry standards as we install your new concrete driveway or replace your old one, so your concrete driveway can be with you for generations to come.

Cornerstone Concrete is a very professional company. I shopped around for the best quality and cost. They were reasonable and constructed my driveway exactly as promised.

Concrete Driveways are a Better Investment

If you have had estimates done, you may have been told that concrete will be more expensive than asphalt. Considering the durability of concrete, however, it makes for a more cost-effective investment in the long-run. In addition to being able to withstand harsh weather, concrete is also able to take on very heavy loads. Driveways made from materials like aggregate or asphalt might have difficulty coping with particularly heavy vehicles.

Some people might also comment that concrete is not as appealing as other types of driveways. This is not necessarily the case. If done right, a concrete driveway can be very aesthetically pleasing with a smooth gray tone, stamping, or another desired color. There is some room for creativity to help ensure you get a concrete driveway replacement or installation that you love. Our team is dedicated to laying a driveway that is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing!

Some driveways can be very difficult to maintain, particularly those made with loose aggregate. Whereas, concrete needs only a little more than the occasional sweep with a stiff broom. At Cornerstone Concrete we will apply a sealant to the surface of your new concrete driveway. This sealant helps to make maintenance easier and quicker, while also helping to increase durability. We are specialists in concrete driveway replacement, installation, materials, sealants, other driveway enhancements, and really anything you can think of when it comes to concrete driveways!  

What About Cement Driveways?

Concrete is a great long-term investment because it lasts the longest, but what about cement? Cement and concrete are often used interchangeably, but they are indeed different. Cement is actually one of the main ingredients in concrete. Cement acts as the binding agent to help make the concrete stronger. Aggregates used in the mix are bound together by the cement. It is because of cement that concrete driveways outlast other types of driveways. If you would like to learn more about the difference between concrete and cement, check out our blog.

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The Cornerstone Difference – Our Proven Concrete Installation Process

We have factorized the process of replacing and installing a new concrete driveway. Systematically, one crew at a time flows through the concrete installation process, performs their duties at an expert level and then moves on to the next driveway. Below, in chronological order are our five crews:

1. Tear Out Crew (Replacement)

With a bobcat and dump truck, we carefully tear out the existing driveway and dispose of the material at a local recycling station.

2. Set Up Crew

Set up forms per specifications, grade, and compact subsoil. 

3. Pour Crew

Meet the local ready mix concrete truck(s) and pour the fresh concrete in a professional manner.

4. Cut and Clean Crew

Lay out and cut expansion cuts. Clean up.

5. Seal Crew

After 28 days (time for concrete to cure), we apply the industry’s top-grade sealer. Seal crew will also finish up with feathering in black dirt and seed if part of the contract.



*Weather permitting and with the exception of 1,200+ sqft

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